Magdalena Larreboure

Magdalena Larreboure

Senior Research Specialist

Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Stockholm University

I am a senior research specialist at the Busara Center in Nairobi, Kenya. I primarily work as a research assistant for Johannes Haushofer at Stockholm University, and coauthors at UC Berkeley, The World Bank, Princeton University, UC San Diego, among others.

I love my job in Nairobi. It gives me exposure to pure academic research, but outside of the usual university environment. In Busara I am surrounded by a vibrant, international community, with extremely talented people coming from different areas of expertise and backgrounds. My research interest lies in the intersection between economics and political science.

Prior to moving to Kenya, I completed a Master’s degree in Economics at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I wrote my thesis on the Impact of the Women’s March on the U.S. House Election. Now it is a working paper, coauthored with my former advisor Felipe González.


  • Political Economy
  • Comparative Politics
  • Development Economics
  • Gender Economics
  • Data Visualization


  • MA in Economics, 2019

    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

  • BA in Business and Economics, 2017

    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Falling Living Standards during the COVID-19 Crisis: Quantitative Evidence from Nine Developing Countries

Despite numerous journalistic accounts, systematic quantitative evidence on economic conditions during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic remains scarce for most low- and middle-income countries, partly due to limitations of official economic statistics in environments with large informal sectors and subsistence agriculture. We assemble evidence from over 30,000 respondents in 16 original household surveys from nine countries in Africa (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone), Asia …

Working papers

The Impact of the Women's March on the U.S. House Election

Three million people participated in the Women’s March against discrimination in 2017, the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. We show that the March affected the political participation of women and people from ethnic minorities in the following federal election, the 2018 House of Representatives Election. Using daily weather shocks as exogenous drivers of attendance at the March, we show that protesters increased turnout at the Election and the vote shares obtained by minorities. …

Other projects

Costs and motivations to vote: Chilean plebiscite abroad

Voting abroad requires a huge amount of effort and commitment for some citizens, and during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, these costs are probably even higher. What are the main factors that influence the decision of voting, when the costs of doing so are high? How did the pandemic affect turnout in the election?

Kenya COVID-19 Economic Tracker - The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Kenya creating an even more urgent need for timely data and evidence to help monitoring and mitigating the impact of the crisis. We are generating descriptive statistics on COVID-19, behavioral adaptations, and local economic activity. We are collecting information at the household, formal firm and microenterprise level on a wide range of indicators: impact on employment, access to services, travel and recent contacts, knowledge of COVID-19 mitigation measures, mental well-being and food security.



Research Assistant

Johannes Haushofer - Stockholm University

Jan 2021 – Present Stockholm, Sweden

Research Specialist

Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Aug 2019 – Present Nairobi, Kenya

Research Assistant

Johannes Haushofer - Princeton University

Aug 2019 – Dec 2020 Princeton, NJ, US

Research Assistant

Felipe González - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 Santiago, Chile

Projects and Liaison Intern

Municipal Corporation of Promotion of Economic Development - Centro Ideactiva

Jul 2017 – Aug 2017 Estación Central, Santiago, Chile

Teaching Assistant

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Aug 2016 – Jun 2019 Santiago, Chile
Undergraduate: Principles of Economics, Economic Analysis and Chilean Experience, Intermediate Microeconomics, Methods of Optimization (2x), Statistical Inference, and Econometrics I (3x). Graduate: Econometric Theory I.


  • Daykio Plaza, 5th floor - Ngong Lane, Nairobi,